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7 Out of 10 Homeowners Prefer Generac Generators

AMJ Electric LLC is your local one stop shop for Generac generator installs, service, maintenance, and sales in the Southern Maryland region.

Power outage? No problem.

Power outages are becoming more frequent! A permanently installed Generac home backup generator will protect your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane fuel and sits outside your home just like a central air conditioning unit. The generator system delivers power directly to your electrical system in the event of a power outage ensuring you have power to your entire home or just the most essential items. When utility power is lost, your Generac generator system equipped with a transfer switch will sense this, start your generator and in 30 seconds power will be restored. When power returns, your generator will go into a cool down cycle and go to standby mode for the next outage.

Generac Generator Standby GeneratorWhy you should install a Generac home standby system.

  • Automatic Operation
  • Refueling Not Necessary
  • Power Directly to Your Home
  • The #1 Selling Brand of Home Backup Generators
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Factory Trained and certified Technicians
  • 5 year warranty
  • Financing Available.

We also provide options for manual transfer generator systems. This type of installation will have to be paired with a portable generator. A manual transfer switch will be installed inside your home close to the electrical service panel. Selected circuits will be removed from the home's electrical panel and reinstalled in your generator transfer switch. A 30 or 50 amp inlet box can be placed outside to allow generator to be plugged in and power your selected items during a power outage. This option is a little more work to operate during a power outage, but is cost effective. 

Our Process for a Typical Home Standby Generac Generator System

Free In-Home Consultation

Your electrical requirements for a backup generator may not be the same as your neighbors. That’s why AMJ Electric LLC offers a FREE in-home consultation. The consultation will take about an hour to complete. While an AMJ Electric professional is visiting your home or business we will discuss your generator needs, circuits you will want installed on your generator system, size generator you will need, fuel requirements (natural gas or propane), location of your generator and transfer equipment and the price range of your install. Questions are more than welcome anytime during the consultation; we want you to be informed during the entire installation process.

Estimate After Consultation

After your consultation, a complete estimate will be compiled for your review. Your personalized estimate will describe the agreed upon location of your generator and transfer switch. You will have a complete visual of your personalized Generac® Backup Power Plan!

You’re free/no obligation Sales and Installation package will have a 30 day expiration date.

Easy, Affordable Financing

Generac not only offers you products that protect you during the next power outage, but financial security as well. By choosing from several flexible financing options through AMJ Electric LLC, you can now prepare for the next power outage while keeping your lines of credit free for other needs. Our program offers you flexible financing options with the ability to buy now and pay overtime*. It's quick, safe and simple to apply for financing, and you will receive a response within minutes. FREE UP CREDIT CARDS FOR OTHER PURCHASES WHEN YOU USE YOUR GENERAC CREDIT CARD.

  • No money down.
  • Covers generator and installation.
  • Flexible credit promotions available to fit a variety of cardholder needs.
  • Simple application process with fast credit decisions made within minutes.

(Subject to credit approval. Minimum payments required.)

Generac Generator Installation

  • Most residential Generator installations are performed in one to two days by our factory trained installations team. Ordering the generator equipment will take from 7-45 days for in-stock models.
  • We rely on your gas provider to connect and maintain your gas connections.
  • AMJ Electric LLC connects and maintains your generator's electric at your home and will service your generator, if you choose to participate in one of our maintenance programs.


One of AMJ Electric’s professionals will contact you right after we receive your signed contract to begin the process. Your delivery will include your Generac® Generator, Automatic or manual Transfer Switch and Accessories.

At this time you should contact your gas provider to start the gas piping installation. Once the generator is delivered and set in its location your gas contractor can make the gas connections.

For your convenience we can provide a list of proven gas plumbing contractors and suppliers.


Most home generator systems only take a day to install. AMJ Electric’s professional generator team will keep you informed every step of the way to ensure your installation goes as smoothly as possible.

After your Generac generator system is installed, we will test your generator system, making sure that the generator and equipment are in excellent working order and working properly to your specific generator needs. 

Our trained professional will walk you through the operation and answer any questions about the generator system. We will also provide you with the registration verification of your generator, manual packet, and optional extended warranty packet.

Mobile Link Remote Monitoring Systems

Mobile Link™, a cellular remote monitoring system, lets you check on your standby Generac brand Generator’s status, or receive timely notifications when something is needed, using your computer, tablet or smartphone to message you based on your message choices. With Mobile Link, you will always know exactly what your generator is doing – or not doing. The all new Mobile app affords you the opportunity to check your generator status anytime, from anywhere without the need to log on to a website. Your generator status - your way!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you have cellular service in your area before purchasing. If you are able to send a text from your generator location, Mobile Link™ is available to you!

Maintenance & Service

AMJ Electric LLC provides maintenance and service for Generac generators. And we have maintenance plans available for all of our installations.

Regular maintenance of your generator is key to its performance and life. This will ensure that your generator starts every time there is a power outage.

How It Works

Generac Generator IllustrationAMJ Electric can match the exact amount of coverage needed and provide a FREE assessment of your electrical needs including an installation estimate. It's easy; just complete the form below to get started.

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